Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe Review

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 Shop Fox W1758 Review
This Shop Fox wood lathe is a strong piece of metal that is ready to help you create the craftsmanship you desire.
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Shop Fox W1758 Review


This wood lathe is a strong and sturdy tool. Weighing in at just over 300 pounds, the Shop Fox W1758 wood lathe is a heavy piece of machinery, but that has its perks. For the avid user, the strong support will be much appreciated as it fends off vibration that can hinder the tidiness of the work.

The cast iron bed and the stable legs provide for a durable machine, ready to work for hours on end. The ten speeds between 600-2400 RPM also provide a wide range of ability, ready for what you need, and the lever control will ensure you get the right speed. The rotating headstock with a full 180 degree rotation will also allow you to make bigger creations more accurately and precisely, giving you a more beautiful piece of wood as an outcome.

The 6-inch faceplate and the tool rest with a swivel arm base are just two of the many pieces that make this machine a delight to use and a great addition to your tool belt. The price is also too good to be matched! The lathe is rounded out by its powerful 2 horsepower, 110v motor, ready to work for years to come.


This Shop Fox machine is able to work for hours on end. With its sturdy base and well-designed motor, you can work wood piece after piece until your hearts content. The plethora of additions to this lathe make it top of the line, adding additions that make your work easier and better. The quick lock levers for the head and tailstock help to create any piece you desire.


Some reviews for this lathe have stated that the low speed of 600 RPM is too fast. Also, a few people have found that the levers strip out easily, though Shop Fox has a warranty that covers this. Some have also found that the tailstock does not always tighten into the correct position.

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