Powermatic 3520B Wood Lathe Review

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The 320B is a beautiful yet powerful piece of machinery, able to conquer any task and produce stunning results each and every time.
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This machine after a quick assembly, is ready to work the wood you need it to. It is all the things you could ever want in a wood lathe—durability, the spinning axis itself, a spindle lock, a tool rest, speed control, and a reliable motor which is enclosed and cooled, providing a long-lasting use of this 2-horsepower motor—as well as new improvements to the modern machine—a digital RPM display so you can track the speed of your work, an internal storage compartment, and a self-ejecting laser etched quill.

It is certainly a machine that has lived up to its reputation of being a long-lasting machine to work each job with ease and a high level of craftsmanship while continuing to last for many jobs to come. It also comes with a sliding headstock with variable speed, allowing high speed or low speed usage, tailored to the need of the user. Whatever the job is that needs done by a wood lathe, the Powermatic Wood Lathe can do it better and more reliably.


  • This piece of machinery is everything a woodworker could ask for and more. The motor is reliable and ready to work many long hours and the machine itself is built for sturdy work. It is ready to tackle even big jobs; its incredible torque can take on big jobs and even unevenly weighted wood. Its motor is made and tested specifically to last long hours and many years, providing a one-time buy for years of beautiful works!


  • Being a durable tool, this wood lathe is not light. When shipping day comes, you may want a friend or two to help you lift! Although it is nothing to be unexpected out of a long lasting machine, but it is not a one man carrying job. Also, a few users have found it difficult to turn off this machine, and some even opt to turn the speed to 0 instead of shutting off the machine as a whole.

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