Nova DVR-XP Wood Lathe Review

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 Nova DVR-XP Review
This Nova wood lathe is an incredibly crafted, strong piece of machinery that is equipped to do any job, both big and small.
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Features List

  • 75HP Direct Drive DVR Motor
  • Speed range from 100 to 3500rpm
  • Intelligent DVR motorNova DVR-XP Review


This wood lathe is a very strong tool, capable of finishing the finest pieces of wood. With its 1.75 horsepower DVR motor, the lathe is intelligent and strong. It provides the strength you want in a motor as well as the ability to make your job easier; with abilities such as favorite speed control setting and out of balance work adjustment, this machine is ready to shave off precious time in your every day woodworking.

The motor is also ready and able to spin between 100-3500 RPM, giving you a wide range of options from which to choose. Its 16-inch swing(with a capability of 29-inch outboard with trigger accessory) provides the ability to make a wide range of materials, from small pens to large bowls.

The full swivel head also allows you to make oddly and largely shaped objects, saving you from bending over and creating inconsistent pieces or having major back pain. With this Nova wood lathe, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. It’ll run for hours to come, spinning your masterpieces and finishing the job perfectly.


  • This machine is equipped with a full swivel head, which helps to prevent inaccurate creations and pains from bending over. Also, the motor has a low speed of 100 RPM, giving you an even wider range than most lathes. The intelligent motor also records various parts of your work, such as your favorite speed, to allow you to make your masterpieces wasting as little time as possible.


  • Some users have found their lathes to be hard to work with because of its strength. The 1.75 horsepower motor gives, for some, too strong of a usage. Also, some have had problems with the manufacture of the cast iron, finding pieces that needed to be replaced, which Teknatool offered free replacements for.

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