NOVA 57080 Variable Speed Wood Lathe Review

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NOVA 57080
This Nova wood lathe is a smart and powerful piece of machinery, able to finish any job you need with precision and power.
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Features List

  • 2HP direct drive electronic variable speed DVR motor
  • Best speed range in the market electronic variable speed from 100 to 5000 rpm
  • 20″ swing 24″ between centers extendable with accessories
  • Full swivel headNOVA 57080


This lathe is truly a powerhouse in the world of lathes. It has a 2 horsepower motor which provides for a range of 100 to 5000 RPM, making it the machine with the largest range in the market. Also, the motor is an intelligent motor, able to offer various helpful tools, such as offering 10 favorite speed control settings and a chisel dig in safety sensing. The motor is built to last, built sturdy and made to be used.

The cast iron stand also provides a sturdy base to keep the unwanted vibration suppressed. The 12” tool rest also allows for a versatile range of movement, providing smooth work without much change in stance. The 20” swing capacity, with 33” capacity outboard, provides a large range with which to make many different masterpieces. The 24” between centers, which is extendable with accessories, provides for large jobs and small jobs alike.

The self-ejecting tailstock allows for faster switching between jobs and less aggravation. The full swivel head offers a wide range of possibilities. This wood lathe is certainly one of the most technologically advanced on the market.


  • There is no other lathe more technologically advanced than this. The smart motor makes for easy and fast work while still giving more strength and a higher range than any other machine in its class. The full swivel head along with the 20” swing provides a lathe that is large enough to tackle any job.


  • The lathe has a powerful motor, but under stress, it has been reported on a few accounts to double in speed without notice. This can make for a risky scenario for your work if you are not prepared and working in the right environment.

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