Nova 1624-44 Wood Lathe Review

Quick Reference
The 1624-44 is a solid cast iron machine ready to tackle the task. Whatever you’re looking to get done, this piece of machinery is ready to do it.
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Features List

  • 5HP Traditional AC Motor
  • 8 Speed range from 215rpm to 3600rpm
  • Full 360 degree swivel head
  • 16″ swing 24″ between centers extendable with accessories
  • Solid cast iron


This lathe is the final tool to finish out your shop. The Nova wood lathe is set with the specifications to create the masterpieces that you desire. With its 16” swing capacity, you can make a whole slew of pieces. However, when you add the outrigger accessory, the piece provides a 29” range that can complete any job.

This is anything but a once and done lathe; with its intently built motor, the rugged durability of the solid cast iron, and the magnificence of its craftsmanship, this lathe is ready to work job after job to your hearts content. The motor is ready to back you up, not only for years to come, but with the power to boot;

Its 1.5 horsepower, air-conditioned motor is stable and ready to provide the turn you need between 215 and 3600 RPM. The 24-inch center provides the space you need to make the piece in mind, and with the 20” additional accessory, you will have the full range for your work. Having been designed by Teknatool International, innovating since 1955, you can trust this machine to last for as many years as you may need it.


  • This lathe is the perfect lathe for the everyday woodworker. The Swivel head and the 16” swing make it a delightful tool that can be used for the oddest of tasks. The solid cast iron and the air conditioned motor make it a long lasting lathe, too. Many people who have used this lathe record that it is the best bang for your buck, because the price is low but the quality is still high. The lathe also offers incredible power from the 110V outlet.


  • Watch out, because this lathe is heavy! Also, some users have found it more difficult to use without the electronic speed control. Some have also complained that the machine will vibrate too much if you place the wood on the machine wrong, causing slightly more time to ensure your fit is correct.

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