Jet JWL-1642-EVS-2 Wood Lathe Review

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The 1642 is a solid and powerful piece of machinery, able to create the cut you desire with the reliability you need!
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This wood lathe is an excellent option to consider. Many of the Jet wood lathe reviews call this the sturdiest tool they’ve used. This machine is created for projects both large and small with its 16-inch swing and its 42-inch capacity. The cast iron bed also allows for a long time of using it and a high level of accuracy, as well as its brilliantly designed construction which suppresses the vibration of the strong motor.

The motor is a 2 horsepower piece ready to take on tough jobs. When you add the three-phase, 230-volt, and fan-cooled additions to the motor, you will realize that this motor is meant to run fast, smooth, powerfully, and for many years to come. The variable speed control helps to provide the exact cut needed.

The spindle lock is also a strong part of this piece, being able to lock in 36 different positions, creating a lock every 10 degrees. The tailstock is large, which provides stability, and it has graduations to ensure the precise drilling that you need. The strong spindle has a rigid headstock to support it for accurate use. The other innovations, such as the swing-out basket, make this the perfect tool for every user.


  • The Jet 1642 Wood Lathe is a powerful tool! Its 2 horsepower motor and its stable base provide the specifications to take on the tougher jobs. The variable speed control adding infinite speeds, the spindle lock, and the 16-inch swing all provide a beautiful corral of specifications to get the job done. Also, the swing out basket is a nice addition, providing a storage place for your tools between uses.


  • A few users have had problems with the motor, complaining of it smoking or being noisy. Also, some users have said the swing is too small and unable to work for their tasks.

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