Grizzly G0632 Variable Speed Wood Lathe Review

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 Grizzly G0632 Variable Speed Wood Lathe
This Grizzly wood lathe is a sturdy and powerful tool, made just for the job you need done, with the durability to tackle job after job.
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The steel bed and the cast iron legs are the first two things you’ll notice about this lathe; combined, they supply a lathe that is ready to work for a very long time and remain sturdy. The bed is built durably and supported by the quality crafted legs.

The motor is strong too; its fan-cooled, dust resistant nature makes it the ideal motor for someone looking for a lathe to run for years to come. Its spindle variable speed control makes it a delight, providing the exact speed you need, right when you need it. The digital readout is also a quality piece, providing an exact read every time.

The high speed range is 250-3200, offering a wide range of usage, so you can tailor it to any job you’re doing, while the low speed range is 100-1200, providing settings for the more intricate work.


  • This lathe has a fantastic speed range of 100-3200, providing any speed you need in between with its digital readout and variable speed control. The steel bed also offers a strong support so that you have a lathe for many years. Grizzly wood lathe reviews often denote that, after years of use, the motor and spindles still run like brand new.


  • With its lowest rating being a 4 out of 5 stars on, it’s hard to find anything wrong with this machine. Some have complained of its heavy nature and that it often squeaks.

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